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Building Security

State of the Art Security

It is our goal to provide you with a safe, secure, comfortable home or office. Toward that end, we have installed a comprehensive, multilayered security system that combines dedicated employees and cutting-edge technology. In addition to security personnel shifts, all entrances to the building as well as elevator controls and interior doorways, require either a proximity reader or security access code to bypass. Anyone looking to access a residential floor will have to be admitted through three checkpoints. Once they reach a residential floor, two additional layers are provided in the form of your locked, solid wood door and individual apartment security system. The end result is five layers of protection ensuring a secure, comfortable, private building for all of our residents and professional tenants.

Main Entrance: The front entrance at 14 Franklin Street will be open during regular business hours 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, to allow public access to the lobby and the commercial floors. Access to the residential floors, again, is only possible by using a keychain style “proximity device” or security access code. After hours, the front door is kept locked, visitors must be “buzzed-into” the building using the intercom. Visitors will only have access to the lobby and your own floor; they will not be permitted to wander through the building.

Parking Garage: Automated steel doors secure the entrance and exit to the garage. They are closed at all times, except when activated by a building resident or tenant either with a garage door remote or, when exiting, by driving over an activation plate.

Video Camera: All building entryways, the lobby and the parking garage are monitored via video surveillance for your protection.

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