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Preferred Partners

We've worked with a lot of partners and we're proud to recommend the below partner & local vendors!


Eliza Jane Events help you plan a fabulous wedding.

               Coordinate with Eliza directly, 585-705-1141

All Occasions Catering & Events Planning.  Pattie Taylor-Brown and her team will help you plan and execute your best event and provide catering, too.

               Coordinate with Pattie directly, 585-244-2870,   


Food and Beverage

Our catering partner is Madeline’s Catering.  No food and beverage is provided as part of venue rental.

Coordinate with Madeline directly,, 585-288-3020


Chairs, Tables, Linens

House chairs are 21” wide, steel-frame, upholstered, and padded.  Chairs included in your rental.  Balcony seating is fixed.  See seating chart.

Event furniture is available from various local providers, some listed below:

McCarthy Tents & Events,, 585-321-1000

Nolan’s Rental Inc,, 585-787-2555

Spatola’s Party Rentals,, 585-266-4200

Flowers, Décor

Erin Patrick McDonald has been doing flowers and events for years.

Coordinate directly with Erin,, 585-472-6072


Our valet partner, Valet Park of America, serves our Residential tenants in the building.  They are available to accommodate your event as needed, with sufficient notice.

               Coordinate with Valet Park of America,, 866-888-2538

Commercial Space Available

Locate your business in a Rochester landmark!

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